Van Chan Organic Farmers / North Vietnam

Van Chan Organic Farmers Club, Van Chan County, Yen Bai Province, North Vietnam

Smallholder Project for collection of wild ‚camellia Sinensis‘ leaf. Villages: Suoi Bu, Suoi Giang, Nam Lanh, Phin Ho, Suoi Quyen Certified

Organic by CCU
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

A project established in the beginnings of 2000 to enable the ethnic minorities of the H‘mong and Dao to make a living without growing Poppy Flowers for Opium. The project was started by the late Jaap Brands who spent nearly 30 years in Vietnam after the war to help the country to recover. Cha Dô got involved in 2004 and after a couple of trials we succeeded in developing production standards for black as well as green tea. Later we also tried some white teas and are looking into some high quality grades. Sustainable prices and the Fairtrade premiums have enabled the villages to built community houses, schools, cretches and bring electricity to the houses of their people. Van Chan teas are harvested from wild growing tea treas in the Rainforests. No cultivation is involved in the growing. They are significantly higher in flavour as the Polyphenol content of the fresh leaf is nearly douple as high as of a plantation leaf.


Nam Lanh OP

Black tea leaf grade with a deep red cup, strong malty flavor. Does not tend to bitter, even if brewed strongly.

Van Chan Green

Phinh Ho Jade

Green tea leaf grade, very tippy. Light green-yellowish cup. Slightly astringent with very fruity character.

Da Zhang Shan / Jiangxi / P.R. China

Da Zhang Shan Organic Farmers Association

Da Zhang Shan Organic Farmers Association, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China

Smallholders and medium farms, based on the traditional chinese tea farming concept

Certified Organic by BCS
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

One of the first organic tea projects in China and the first to get a Fairtrade certification. App. 800 ha. of tea fields with an annual crop of 600-700 to. of made tea. Definitely the most reliable source for nearly all standard grades of Chinese teas. The co-operation with the Da Zhang Shan Organic Farmers Association started 1997 and ever since we have been able to develope the sales of these teas. Today Da Zhang Shan is one of the most advanced organic teaprojects in China, farming with regular inputs of certified organic fertilizers, high standard of machine hervesting and clean, state of the art factories guaranty a high quality produce. The flowers for the Jasmine tea are sources from own certified organic farms in Jiangxi and Guangxi province.


Zhen Mei / Chun Mee

All grades including Fannings


Zhou Cha / Gunpowder

All grades including Fannings


Moli Hua Cha/ Jasmin Tea

All grades including Fannings


Gong Fu Cha / Congou Tea

All grades including Fannings

Seogwang / Jeju-Do / South Korea

Teeernte in Korea

Janwong Tea Industries Jeju-Do

Industrial tea farm

Certified organic by CCU

Our ‚High Tech‘ source on Jeju island near the Japanese island of Kyushu. App. 600 ha of certified organic tea and 3 factories. This is actually a very advanced ‚Japanese‘ tea project. Equiped with state of the art machinery from Japan for harvesting as well as processing. Own labs in the factories regularly check the quality of the soil and microbiology as well as possible cross-contamination of pesticide through surrounding agriculture. In this source the leaf is never touched by hand, everything is done by machines. Maybe still an unsual idea but this is definitely the future of tea growing. The quality of these teas is outstanding as this leaf is processed just a half an hour after beeing remowed from the bush.


Seogwan Green OP

Extremely fresh green tea with sweetisch seaweed flavor


Wu Long

Semi-fermented Wu Long with very complex flavors

Seogwan Sencha

High flavor Sencha in various quality levels

Kazi&Kazi / Panshagarh / Bangladesh

Teeernte in Bangladesh

Kazi & Kazi Tea Farm, Panshagarh, Bangladesh

Family owned tea farm

Certified Organic by IMO-India
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

A recultivation project of the Kazi family in Bangladesh. Originaly the land was aquired to source gravel for the production of concrete electricity poles. After removing the gravel the land is recultivated with compost and tea bushes are planted. Since 2015 we have started developing quality tea grades which can be placed in the western organic and Fairtrade markets. Panshagarh is the poorhouse of Bangladesh, just some smallholder agriculture no industry or other jobs available. The company also runs a project to fight illitracy of woman and a cow program in which farmer are given cows which they can pay back with the dung, an important basis of the needed compost.


Panshagarh Black OP

Malty and mild black tea


Panshagah Wu Long

Resonable semi-fermented tea for flavoring and blending


Panshagarh Green OP

Panfired green tea with mild elegant flavor


Panshagarh White

Resonable white tea for flavoring and blending

Oothu Tea Estate / Tamil Nadu / South India

Teeernte Singampatti

Oothu Tea Estate, Singampatti, Tamil Nadu, South India

Corporate Tea Farm

Certified Organic by IMO-India / demeter
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

One of the first organic tea farms of the world. Located amidst the forests of the Singampatti wildlife reservation, the late Ricky Muthanna had the vision in 1987 that in such an environment one should try to avoid any kind of agrochemicals. Based on this philosophy the estate was converted to organic and later to bio-dynamic cultivation. South India is usually not a place reknown for quality tea, but teas from Oothu reached levels then unknown from these areas. Black, green and white teas as leaf grades are produced and well accepted in the western speciality markets.


Oothu FOP

Extremely suitable tea for flavoring and blending


Oothu Bai Mu Dan

Good quality white tea from South India


Oothu Green FOP

Very fresh and fruity green tea

Havukal Tea Estate / Nilgiris / South India

Sources Havukal

Havukal Tea Estate, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, South India

Family owned tea farm

Certified Organic by IMO-India
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

Havukal is one of the most advanced tea estates in India. High quality of manufacture in a modern factory with a high level of mechanisation. The philosophie has always been to use as little chemicals as possible. So the step to converting first areas to organics was not far. In 2017 the first fields have received a 100% organic certificate in 2020 larger areas will follow. The focus is presently on producing pan-fired green teas, mainly leaf grades.


Springfield Green OP

Panfired green tea from the Nilgiris, light in color and mellow flavor

Dunsandle Tea Estate / Nilgiris / South India

Sources Dunsandle

Dunsandle Tea Estate, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, South India

Corporate Tea Farm

Certified Organic by IMO-India
Fairtrade certified by FLO-cert

The highest tea plantaion in South India. Up to 2200 m above sea level. As a result of the altitude the charcter of the black teas is very similar to the Darjeeling teas. Apart from black tea, we are also processing some white teas and green teas are also a new option.


Dunsandle GFOP

Highgrown black tea with a very ‚Darjeeling’ flavor