Cha Dô

Sourcing Organic Quality

We are at Source

Our job is to source the right quality for your target markets.

Sourcing organic commodities needs some experience. Cha Dô started in 1997 to work on organic sources for tea. We have been consulting various producers in Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam and have enabled them to cope with the standards of the western target markets.

Since 2019 we are focussing on sources for organic food ingredients in Laos and Vietnam. First tea factories in the northern part of Laos are reaching international standards and successful marketing of the products has started.
In Vietnam we are presently working on various sources for organic spices, as well as dried fruits.

What is the benefit for companies selling, packing and branding organic products in the western markets?

1. Cha Dô secures the right quality, quantity and in time delivery of your products

2. If you are looking for a specific variety of product we will investigate if this is workable in one of our sources and monitor the production

3. You are interested in contract farming for certain products. We will identify the right producer.

We understand ourselves as the link between the producer in the eastern countries and the markets in the west. More than 25 years of experience with organic producers in Asian countries and a well established network, as well as people at source guaranty reliable supplies.


Being one of the pioneers in organic tea, we are involved into creating new sources for high quality organic tea since 1997. Starting with two sources in China and India, mainly for standard grades, we are today focused on origins which process the leaves from the ancient tea plants. We have also re-implemented the traditional processing methods for these.

Food Ingredients

Since 2004 we started trading spices from agroforesting in northern Vi-etnam. This business has been expanded to other areas in Vietnam and Laos.
The range of food ingredients covers numerous spices and dried fruits and nuts.

Development & Consultancy

Getting involved into creating new sources, we soon realized that the main constraint was the lack of experise in processing as well as organic cultivation.
Transporting market knowledge and processing technics has become a substantial part of our work at source.

100 % organic

We are a 100 % organic company, meaning that all goods traded are certified organic according to EU or US organic standards. The products we offer are either from organic farming or certified organic wild collection.

Fair Trade

With very few exception our sources are certified according to international standards for fair trade. Either FLO or FFL certs are available. Our company holds the WFTO certificate which ganrantees fair practise not only to our suppliers but also to our staff.