Organic Tea

Organic Tea

Van Chan / Vietnam

Since 2004, a source for black and green tea from ancient tea plants. These tea leaves, harvested by the ethnic minorities of the Hmong and Dao, have many more complex flavor components than any plantation leaf. They contain 85% more polyphenols, producing much more body and maltiness. These teas are superior to any cultivated species.

Da Zhang Shan / China

The oldest and still the largest organic tea project in China. Starting in 1997 with 15,000 smallholders growing tea on tiny fields, Da Zhang Shan is today a highly professional group of 8 farms with well-equipped factories and an annual production of 2000 tons of green and black tea.

Phongsaly / Laos

Close to the capital of the province Phongsaly, in the village of Seylom, the Phu Noi tribe collects the seeds from the ancient tea trees in the surrounding forests. They plant the seeds around their village and then harvest the leaves. These potent leaves are used to produce black tea based on a recipe from the ancient Dian kingdom. Low oxidation gives the teas a chocolaty and malty flavor. Exceptional and delicate.

Somneuk Laothang / Laos

A tiny processing factory located an hour away from Phongsaly. With high craftsmanship, this factory produces green tea and some specialties like curly black and golden banana. These are very rare varieties with mild and fruity flavors.