Consultancy and Development

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Identifying producers who are willing and capable of going organic has been an essential part of our activities in the past 25 years. We have created various tea sources through Cha Dô and adapted them to suit the target markets in Western countries.
Our primary focus has been on smallholder groups in countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. The success of these sources has been driven, in part, by a combination of wild collection and the cultivation of ancient tea plants.

Since 2021, we have expanded our efforts to identify growers for organic herbs and spices. Our main focus remains on Laos and Vietnam, where we have a well-established network and dedicated individuals working for us at the source.


Experience has shown that having good-quality raw materials does not automatically guarantee a successful product in the target markets. Analyzing the markets before commencing production is one of the essentials for making a source successful. Our expertise, coupled with close cooperation with the final clients, provides the necessary insights to guide producers and align production with market demands.

When necessary, we can also design efficient factories and identify suitable machinery to optimize the utilization of raw materials. Additionally, we conduct analyses to identify weaknesses in the growing and production processes and offer support for organic cultivation as part of our services.


Cha Dô was established in 1994 by Vera Hirchert (†2015) and Lutz Toennis as the first exclusive organic tea company in the world. Initially, our goal was to create a brand for organic tea, but we soon realized that success required us to invest in good sources. In 1997, we began working with a tea estate in India and smallholders growing tea in Jiangxi, China. Our collaboration with China allowed us to gain significant expertise in tea manufacturing.

In 2004, we initiated a partnership with hill tribes in northern Vietnam, where we harvested wild tea leaves and Cassia in the surrounding rainforests. Additionally, they were cultivating a local variety of ginger. This marked our entry into the spice business. Since 2021, we have increased our involvement and are establishing the spice and organic food ingredient trade as an equally important business alongside tea.